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hey hey, an update!

as always, details/description at the masterpost.

Eva: A World More Full of Weeping (24k). In which Lestrade is part-Fae, and when a debt is called in on his family he ends up engaged to Mycroft. You may be squinting at that description, but don't--you're in for really astounding, perfectly fairy-tale-esque worldbuilding, a mystery to solve, and a nice growth of the central romance. Not necessarily happy overall, but incredibly satisfying. The kind of fic that makes you sad every time the scroll bar gets closer to the bottom of the screen; I could easily have read a hundred thousand words of this.

out_there: The Whore of Babylon was a Perfectly Nice Girl (33k). In which Sherlock is more sexually experienced than John. Very funny in parts, and it's interesting to see John adjust his perceptions of Sherlock throughout. Good Mycroft, too. Also has a rather unusual take on Sherlock's drug habit, which I appreciated.

out_there: The Art of Flat-sharing (6k). Certain people are very difficult to share a flat with--especially John, if you're Sherlock, that is. My notes on this fic say "Besotted Sherlock in EXTREME and HILARIOUS denial," which about sums it up. One of my favorites.

pennydreadful: Release (4k). "Orgasm denial...FOR SCIENCE!" This is not my usual kink, but the story is so well-done that I understood why people would find it hot--and more importantly why these particular characters (John and Sherlock) would engage in it.

pennypaperbrain: Points of Light (16k). Reccing this one not for the beginning and the end--not quite to my taste--but for the glorious middle. It's a BDSM fic, and reads John's and Sherlock's initial meeting in that light. But then, instead of things working instantly between them, they have some trouble adjusting to each other. When they finally figure everything out--well, then the now-sexual relationship works as well as their canonical one does. I don't have a good sense of whether this would work for people who aren't into this sort of fic already, but for those who are, it's well worth reading.

prettyarbitrary: Dress Sense (7k). Sherlock takes John out to buy a new suit, and is so turned on they don't even make it out of the store. Great suit porn, great actual porn, and some interesting stuff about what Sherlock and John see in each other.

Rageprufrock: The Least of All Possible Mistakes (currently 92k). A WiP, but you should be reading it anyway. A Mycroft/always-a-woman!Lestrade fic, but you should be reading it anyway. My note on this one reads "This is everything I always wanted in fic and didn't know I was craving." I don't know that I can describe how good it is except to say that whenever I start reading a new chapter of this fic, I am instantaneously absorbed back into its world. It is by turns heart-wrenching and very funny, but both of those things feel very earned--it's not careening wildly in tone, but existing in a world so real that both moods work.

Resonant: Home (3k). In which Sherlock asks John to move out. And yet--just--everything I want out of this ship in a perfect little package. One of the fics I read early on that convinced me this was a fandom I wanted to be reading. (highlight to read content spoiler, or skip) I have a seriously major fiction kink for stories where the protagonists are mutually in love and don't know or notice it, and this fulfils that need rather nicely.

Resonant: Close Enough (3k). John gets called to a scene where Sherlock needs rescuing--although this is not hurt/comfort, really. I particularly like how this fic explores the way you become comfortable with the physicality of the people around you.

saathi1013: The Adventure of Six Painted Virgins (14k). Very nice slashy case fic based, I think, on one of the original ACD stories, updated similarly to the way the canon is. Sherlock dresses up as a priest and John has feelings about that. (highlight to read warnings, or skip) Violence and some use of religious themes that might read a little hinky if you're a practitioner.

saathi1013: Reliable Madness (4k). This is the sweetest, least explicit PWP you'll ever read--more a character study through sex than anything. (Though still explicit.) Basically: John likes performing oral sex. (There's a bit of a crossover with SGA, though it's more an added bonus than a necessary canon--it'll read like an OC if you're not familiar with the character.)

Sophiahelix: Nobody Raise Their Voices (3k), When the Sky is Full of Zeros and Ones (5k), Halving Infinity (10k). This is a series that gets better the farther along it goes--and it starts pretty well. Basically, John brings home a woman from the pub, Sherlock listens in, and then John finds out, and things escalate from there. The first two are more PWP-esque, but the last is plottier, dealing with the fact that they haven't really been talking about things and--what do you know--that creates communication problems!

Speranza: Subliminal (3k). A single scene from Sherlock's POV, using lots of structural elements to reveal all the things going through his head as events progress. Very satisfying ending.


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