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Hey, only like a year after my last one of these, it's...

more Sherlock recs! (With the note that most of these fics are *also* over a year old--I'm slowly getting back into reading things, but all my notes are on the computer that's currently at work, so I only had the backlog of recs to work from.)


bobross, Taking the Fee (6.5k). Omegaverse plus added medical kink. Really, really hot, and very funny, and delves into some of the details of how the strange biology of omegaverse would actually work in a way I found believable. Spot-on characterization, and a lot more, hmm, practical than most omegaverse fics? (highlight to read warnings, or skip) Reads as if it is dubious consent, but eventually proves not to be so.

entangled_now, Coin to Travel Twice (2k). A short scene of Sherlock and John in a morgue. Nicely drawn characterizations, and there's something nebulous about this that always makes me feel like Sherlock and John are adults in a way they're not, somehow, in a lot of fic.

linpatootie, To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate with a Pillow (5.3k), and its sequels An Epiphany is Just a Fancy Way of Realising You’re an Idiot (5.2k); Crocodiles and Cannibals and Putting Things in Sherlock’s Hair (5.7k); and The Sum of Us (Mostly Calculated by Everybody Else) (9.2k). The first fic in this series involves Sherlock asking John to share a bed with him--literally, just share a bed at night--so he can test whether they sleep better that way or not. It's filled with John being affectionately irate at Sherlock, which is always a nice trope, and is done very well here. Overall, this is just a very pleasing fic. The sequels are also good (particularly the Crocodiles one) and slowly develop into a romantic relationship, but the first preslashy one is still my favorite. (Also, there's a [possibly abandoned] WiP webcomic version here.)

pir8fancier, Planet Sherlock (6.5k). Very funny, very hot Sherlock-and-John-in-a-new-relationship fic; has a rating system for sexual encounters that is absolutely unforgettable. Also has some really good Harry Watson bits, which I enjoy, and an honestly straight John Watson without making that a problem in his relationship with Sherlock (a very hard balance to handle).

sing-oldsongs, Nights when he doesn't sleep at all (2.5k). Sherlock's a vampire, but not much about the setup is different. Mostly it's little bits and scenes from their home life together, moving into romance at the end. The prose is mannered--it works for me very well, but it's one of those things where you need to trust the author first, which I know can be hard if you haven't read anything by them before, so just give it a few scenes to draw you in.

speranza, Stages of Grief (5.6k). This one follows Sherlock as he tries to break down Moriarty's network; somewhat unusually in fic, he sticks around London, which means he can keep an eye on John. There's a description John gives of what his life is like with Sherlock gone that I always think of now when I'm trying to characterize it. skip) Mention of suicidal thoughts (and possibly intended action--it's a bit unclear).

xzombiekittenx, Read Our Futures in the Rising Steam (22k). There's a serial killer in London, killing people who look like John; Sherlock is on the case. Involves a few things that fic often doesn't: Sherlock actually doing drugs, major characters in real danger, Sally doing excellent policework. Good romance towards the end, and funny throughout; also a fair amount of violence and gore and descriptions of mutilated bodies. FWIW, I sometimes rec this fic in responses to requests on sherlock-bbc, and every time I've done that I've had a couple of people drop back in to tell me how much they liked it, which doesn't happen that often even with sought-out recommendations.


longtimegone, Mary Magdalene (5.6k). A character study of Molly as Sherlock is staying at her flat post-Reichenbach. The most believable--and detailed--of the fics I've read in this mini-genre.


tyleet, Autopsies of the Rich and Famous (1.7k) and Post-Mortem Infatuation (5.7k). UST Molly/Irene, with completely and totally awesome yet still in character Molly; great Mycroft in the second fic, too, which captures how scary/autocratic he can be.


persiflager, Practical Ethics for Beginners (9.4k). John and Sherlock are flatmates and best friends at university, John starts taking Mycroft's ethics class and begins fantasizing about his professor without realizing it's Sherlock's brother. Mostly a cute little obviously-going-to-be-resolved sexual tension fic, with some funny platonic Sherlock&John bits.


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