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More updates here and added to the masterpost. Behind the cut: 5 Harry/Nick, 3 Liam/Louis, 1 Harry/Zayn, 1 Niall/Zayn, 1 Harry/Louis, 1 multiship, 3 threesomes and moresomes.

Since I realized I had never said this about the 1D recs, though I did about Sherlock: I don't necessarily rec all the best things I read; I rec the things that I think a reader would me would like. Roughly, I'm more likely to rec: happy endings but with angst or pining along the way; new relationships as opposed to established relationships; more porn (as opposed to less porn) and certain kinds of D/s related kink in particular; and less flowery writing styles as opposed to more flowery ones. Again, those aren't objective statements of quality, just the things that I like and the things that are more likely to show up on this recs list.


And If This Is the Only Thing I Want, by estrella30, 9k. After Nick's last evening show, Harry asks if they can kiss, since Nick's kissed everyone else apparently. A nice romance. It's not exactly smooth because of some differing expectations and different personalities, but it's very believable, and that makes the ending feel all the more earned.

I Could Take the Back Road, by Hllangel, 40k. Future fic, in which Nick and Harry have their separate lives in London and LA respectively, but are brought together again. I just...I really love future fics (because I love angsty things with happy endings). This one focuses a bit on Harry's career and life in LA, which I also appreciated.

Door Number Two, by littlemousling, 3k. A Nick/Harry kink scene (Nick domming Harry). Incredibly hot, but also has some nice characterization stuff in it, about how Nick and Harry are with each other and what it means to them to do what they do.

Restoring Force, by sunsetmog, 12k. Harry and Nick, after the end of the breakfast show. Again, I love future fic, and this one has a kind of...hopeful but also elegaic quality to it that I liked a lot. There's a scene in the park in the middle of this fic that I always think of when I'm thinking of quintessentially Nick and Harry scenes (leaving aside what it means that this is a train of thought I've had more than once...).

Warm-Blooded, by waspabi, 7k. His Dark Materials AU, with daemons for everybody. A good nonlinear structure here, and some interesting meditations on the characters via thinking about what their daemons are and how they behave, as well as the good start of a Nick/Harry romance.


Someone Like You, by harriet_vane, 28k. High school AU. Liam and Niall and Zayn are school friends, and Liam's got a crush on Louis, who's also about his age in the town but whom he's never met. Then Zayn drags Liam to a party and the five of them end up good friends. I liked, in this, that lots of people like and protect Liam, although Liam doesn't really notice and has trouble understanding when he does; it makes all the friendships feel very warm. There's also--well--a thing that surprised me (in a good way), so I won't give away what it was, but I'll say it's definitely not quite the plot you think it might be, just from this summary.

When It's With Your Body, by liralen, 4k. Liam's a bit unconvinced about being on the receiving end of butt stuff, so Louis sets out to convince him (and does). Super hot, with a super cute bonus conversation at the end too.

Level Up, by oliviacirce, 30k. Liam comes out to the band as submissive, and Zayn twigs that he's not telling them in general--that he's got a thing for Louis--so Louis and Liam start exploring Liam's kinks a bit, as mates. So there's some learning-about-kink stuff in here, but also a lot of bits about how everyone in the band cares for each other, which was very satisfying. And while I like sort of fantasy everything goes perfect sex scenes, I also like the sort that happens here, where it's kind of messy and people are still figuring things out. This one's also fun, because you get to watch Liam come to accept what it is that he wants, and it's nice.


Out of Line and Into, by gravitycentered, 7k. Always-a-girl!Zayn and always-a-girl!Harry were friends as teens, and then Harry moves back from America and they both figure out there's a mutual attraction. Nice F/F PWP with a bit of dom/sub stuff in there too.


Oceans and waves and wires between us, by becka, 9k. Niall has a girlfriend, Veronica, whom he's only spoken to online; he asks the Catfish guys to help him find her, and the answer isn't what he expected. This has a great Niall/Zayn relationship, and also everyone's pretty chill about orientation and stuff, which I liked in this context at least.


It's My Pleasure to Introduce You, by LoadedGunn, and Switch Out the Batteries, by istajmaal and LoadedGunn, 8k and 88k. An AU where Louis works in a sex shop and ends up getting together with attractive customer Harry. The second fic is Harry back from tour in America and trying to reconnect with Louis via copious amounts of kinky sex. Just...incredibly so much hot kinky porn, you don't even know. I mean--it's not all porn; the second fic in particular has a lot of things about how you negotiate a kinky relationship and what both of them get out of it. Side note: I actually read the first fic before I was in 1D fandom and found the characterizations over the top, not realizing that that's, like, what they're actually like!

Multiple ships

untitled, by ymorton, 2k. Niall and Harry discussing what they like about sleeping with married couples, then discussing sleeping together. Oddly plausible.

Threesomes and moresomes

Fuck With You, by cyclogenesis, 10k. Harry and Louis are weird perverts, in the funny way, and start sexually teasing Niall onstage. Niall isn't a fan at first, but it all ends up with happy exhibitionistic onstage groping and then group sex, like you do. (I've said before I'm not a fan of the kind of unnegotiated-with-bystanders OTT PDA that appears sometimes in fic, but this one in particular has a weird mix of heightened reality and recognizing the weirdness so that it didn't trigger that squick for me; but there is definitely more PDA onstage than I think would be wise IRL.)

Outlast, by disarm_d, 20k. Screamingly funny fic where the boys (goaded mostly by Louis) talk themselves into a bet about who can go the longest without coming. The ongoing development of who's managed it, who's strategizing about winning, and who's helping the others out is very funny, and gives lots of chances for different pairwise interactions between all the boys. Lots of sex (or at least desire for sex) in various pairings, nice characterizations of everyone, and, as I said, absolutely hilarious.

Rota, by lazy_daze, 9k. Liam breaks his wrist, and Louis decides that means he can't masturbate, so all the boys in the band will have to help him out, and so they make up a schedule. The characterizations here are quite good, and the whole thing is very funny, as Liam realizes exactly what he's going to be able to get out of the arrangement. Actually I really like the Liam characterization here--he's a bit more sly than he is in a lot of fics, while still being very sweet.


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