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More updates here and added to the masterpost. Behind the cut: 7 Harry/Nick, 1 Louis/Nick, 1 Liam/Louis, 1 Harry/Zayn, 1 Harry/Liam, 1 Liam/Zayn, 1 multiship, 1 threesome, 1 other (Harry/Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer)


untitled, by crucio, 2k. Angst as Harry adjusts to what it means that he's not in Nick's life so much any more. Basically, really painful angst, if that's what you're in the mood for...

Better Life Choices, by ferritin4, 55k. Fake relationship AU, where to protect Simon against allegations of homophobia, Harry and Nick pretend to be boyfriends. Imagine how good that could be with these two, and then this fic is probably better than that. Very funny, lots of good mutual pining before they get together for real; there's a nice bit in the middle of the fic where they both basically know where it's going but seem to be taking their time getting there. Also an incredibly sweet ending involving support from the rest of the 1D boys. Lots of stuff about the music industry and PR, too, if you're into that kind of thing like me.

Bring You Back a Star, by Hllangel, 13k. Photos of Nick and Harry leak after they've broken up. A kind of second chances fic, but happening with much less of an interregnum than a future fic might have; it still has that nice angst-and-resolution pacing, though. It's an interesting version of how coming out might go, too, discussing the kind of planning they have to do.

kiss me under the light of a thousand stars, by estrella30 and mrsronweasley, 9k. Harry keeps doing things that might get him and Nick caught out. Nick wonders what's going on, and there's some misunderstandings and things before the resolution. Really sweet relationship between Harry and Nick, and another interesting version of a coming out narrative.

gotta hand it to you, by rivers_bend, 3k. Nick fingers Harry until he comes; ankle cuffs; my own summary of this involves the word "wriggly".

What Hell Hath We Wrought, by shuttermutt, 5k. Nick's out at a club and picks up Harry, who seems young, but like he wants to be picked up. They go home and have sex. The sex is really hot, but what sells this fic for me is the ending, which I just think about sometimes, and then have a giggle fit. Warning for (minorly) underage--Harry's 15 in this, though Nick doesn't know that.

elastic heart, by ymorton, 95k. Nick gets pregnant, and Harry's the father, but Harry's off doing his popstar thing and Nick doesn't tell him. This one has lots of interaction between Nick and the clique, since Harry's not in the picture for part of the fic, and then some good Harry and Nick interactions once he's in the picture again. This one mashes the angst button pretty hard, but I enjoyed getting to live in Nick's head for so long, and the Harry and Nick reunion scene in particular is one I go back to and read sometimes even though I've only read the whole fic once.


Getting Good at this, by pukeandcry, 43k. AU where Harry's famous, but the rest of the 1D boys aren't. Nick ends up with a baby when a friend of his passes away, and Harry's away on tour, so he asks Louis to go check in on Nick and help out. I'm not really a fan of kidfic, but so many 1D kidfics are so good, and this one's no exception. (I guess I should make a mini recs list of "Louis more or less moves in with single men with children to help them out, then ends up fucking the dad.") Nice slow build relationship, good cameos by Harry, enjoyable all round.


He's Always On The Scene (His Engine's Bright and Clean), by sunsetmog, 5k. Pretty funny, though also somewhat angsty, fic, where Louis's in love with Liam, and then Liam shows up for a fancy dress party in a firefighter's costume and Louis practically combusts. A sweet resolution to it, too.


Watched the Ocean Eat the Sand, by disarm_d, 13k. Zayn and Louis live full-time in a resort town on the Canadian coast; Niall and Liam are regular summer visitors, and they bring Harry with them, and Zayn and Harry get together. Lots of stuff in here about being college-aged and thinking of what your life is going to be, how you plan that and what you do, with contrasts between Zayn and Louis, who are working, and the other three, who are all in college, and particularly Harry, who's quite wealthy. Interesting relationships between all of the characters. Always a bit sad and angsty throughout, getting more so near the end; not a happy ending at all.


show you a few things, by lazy_daze, 2k. Incredibly hot orgasm delay/coming untouched fic.


Follow Us and Be Still, by harriet_vane, 1.5k and 3k. The first one is the boys horsing around and teasing each other, only Zayn kisses Liam, and maybe that wasn't a joke. The second one is Zayn working through his feelings about Liam. Short and sweet (in both ways that phrase can be taken), with really spot-on voices for all the boys.

Multiple ships

Until you shook my tree, by becka, 3k. Taylor decides to let Harry have an exception. Then she and Harry basically have phone sex while talking through what he did with Nick. Super super hot, and also interesting in the way it discusses, like, self-perception and relationships.

Threesomes and moresomes

Not Exacty 156.mov, by LittleMousling, 5k. Based on some porn Harry likes, Nick arranges a threesome with Caroline. The sex is really good, but I also really liked Harry's characterization in this: sort of cheekily romantic.

Other pairings

Tour Thing by cyclogenesis. Harry/Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer, just a hot little flirty PWP.
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