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More updates here and added to the masterpost. Behind the cut: 4 Harry/Nick, 2 Liam/Louis, 1 Harry/Zayn, 3 Harry/Niall, 1 Liam/Zayn, 3 threesomes & moresomes, 1 other pairing (Louis/Eleanor).


all you have to do is ask, by hllangel, 1k. Harry kinda-sorta proposes to Nick. Exactly the right amount of sweet but unspoken love.

Be Good, by kitschradio, 2k. Preslash: Harry comes by to borrow a coat of Nick's. That sounds really simple, but it's just a lot of flirting and comfort with each other and cuteness and great prose.

A More Intimate Stage, by littlemousling, 5k. Nick hosts a "special" like he used to--not quite an orgy but not NOT an orgy either. Interesting, also, in that it treats sex like a skill rather than a sort of spontaneous meeting of bodies, which is a relatively unusual take for fic (in my experience).

Saddle Up and Ride, by rivers_bend, 4k. Harry dresses Nick for a DJ gig; Nick doesn't realize how hot he is, but Harry takes full advantage. With, as usual, some really excellent in-character banter.


A Place in the Sun, by harriet_vane, 41k. A summer camp AU: the 1D boys are counselors at a summer camp in Vermont. Rather like IRL, Liam and Louis don't get along at first, but that changes over time. There's some pretty serious miscommunication (with associated angst) in here, but it felt realistic--it wasn't a contrived thing, but the kind of misunderstanding that could actually happen between people. This fic also comes with a side of some seriously cute Harry/Niall as well.

Makes This Harder, by lazy_daze, 1.5k. Nice bit of Liam/Louis post-concert porn, with some notably hot banter.


Give It All Away (To Only You), by disarm_d, 10k. College AU, where Harry and Zayn meet and start sleeping together, but things don't work out perfectly at first. This is a nice example of people accommodating each other without a lot of drama or even really a lot of discussion, plus some good porn.


share a little of that human touch, by becka, 4k. Niall and Harry, cuddling (then more) because they both have a broken heart. Quite angsty, but in a kind of...plausibly truthful way?

Let's See to It, by hollybennett123, 5k. Niall turns into a girl, and has always wanted to have sex with Harry, so does. Another angsty one.

untitled, by ymorton, 5k. Niall gets anxious when they're on a tour break, so Harry goes home with him and basically figures out a bunch of ways to calm him down. Only vaguely slashy, but like...um, this really hit my id on a level of "things that would be really nice", so.


Some Girls, Do It Like This, and don't the moon pull the tide, baby, by Rave, 18k total. Zayn turns into a girl and is having trouble getting off, so asks Liam for help. They don't quite get there at first, but this rapidly develops into some of the hottest porn I've read in this fandom, while still being full of nice character moments and funny conversations. Harry appears in about three lines that are somehow perfectly characterized, as well. The pronouns used for Zayn switch back and forth throughout the fics--I'm sure this is deliberate, since it reflects both Liam's and Zayn's confusion about what's happened and what it means--but I thought it was worth mentioning because I imagine it could bother some readers.

Threesomes and moresomes

people throw rocks at things that shine, by flyingthesky and spibsy, 36k. I'll start out by saying that this is a fic written with a great deal of enthusiasm and, perhaps, a bit less technique than one would like, but it has so many nice moments (and a couple of laugh-out-loud bits) that I think it's worth reading anyway. Basically, I found it really charming, despite its flaws. In short, this fic starts out with a Louis and Harry very involved friendship but Louis/Eleanor and Harry/Nick relationships, and ends up a kind of foursome. But, Harry and one of the other characters have a nest of friendly tentacles instead of genitalia. Also there are people in this story who ejaculate pudding (the American dessert--like a soft custard, sort of the texture but not the taste of yogurt--rather than the British sense of a general dessert). Let's be honest, at this point you've already decided if you're going to read it or not.

untitled, by makesomelove, 1k. Niall at New Year's; kissing. Not sure if I should call this gen or OT5, but it's super lovely.

a nice cure for hypothermia, by zeldamonkey, 4k. Harry's cold after the You and I shoot, so in the car on the way home, the other boys warm him up. Good, separate characterizations; the porn kind of borders on overstimulation, in a way that I think means it's fine if you don't like that, but if you do it's particularly good?

Other pairings

Feels So Natural (It's So Simple), by sunsetmog, 5k. Eleanor comes for a visit and she and Louis have hot kinky sex--I guess, high on the 'always includes kink' scale, fairly low on the 'extremity of kink' scale. Just sweet kind of mutual kink discovery, lots of Louis getting mildly dommed and enjoying the fuck out of it. The way everyone should feel free to explore their kinks, frankly.


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