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More updates here and added to the masterpost. Behind the cut: 6 Harry/Nick, 1 Liam/Louis, 3 Harry/Zayn, 1 Louis/Zayn, 1 Harry/Niall, 1 Harry/Louis, 1 multiship, 1 threesome.


We won't build a home, by becka, 3k. Nick's bought a new house and Harry comes by. A pretty sad one, more pessimistic than most fics about Nick and Harry's ability to make a relationship work, but lovely stuff with the two of them together despite that.

Any Way That You Like, by hllangel, 3k. Harry and Nick are telepathic; Nick wakes up during one of Harry's US concerts and wanks while Harry's trying to perform. Really, really hot.

This Fic Is Not Called “Nicklace.” You're Welcome, Internet, by littlemousling, 2k. A nice little PWP that's partly about Harry being inspired by porn and partly about Nick and Harry's relationship without them really talking about it much.

untitled, by makesomelove, 1k. Harry's an intern at Radio 1, and Nick asks him to do his Christmas shopping. Absolutely perfect ending.

How to Avoid a Soggy Bottom, by spibsy, 5k. Nick needs to bake a cake for work; Harry comes over and actually bakes a cake, but Nick gets what he wants, eventually, anyway. Possesses both some really interesting description and some absolutely hilarious moments, in addition to cute Harry/Nick stuff.

untitled, by ymorton, 3k. Quite hot blowjob PWP, with one very funny conversational bit in the middle that I still sometimes giggle thinking about.


Fine By Me (if you never leave), by harriet_vane, 5k. Nonfamous AU; Louis lies to his mum that he's dating Liam, and Liam agrees to go along with it. Super charming, with just the right amount of skeptical/amused friends about how true or untrue Louis's lie actually was (neither too innocent nor too obvious).


Never Ever and Ever, by disarm_d, 4k. During a game of Never Have I Ever, Harry learns that Zayn's been fucked before, and becomes obsessed with this bit of knowledge. Some good stuff of the different band members interacting, some very funny bits, and some excellent porn to finish it off.

revision, by gravitycentered, 8k. Harry telling Zayn about his hookups, until Zayn is one of them. Reeeeally good porn, and some interesting character stuff with the two of them pushing boundaries beforehand.

All the Days of My Life, by rilla, 41k. Zayn and Harry wake up married in Vegas. Super angsty, with lots of pining that the characters don't necessarily realize is pining, but really excellent nonetheless. This one also has a bunch of really great metaphors in the prose, like little extra tasty treats as you're reading.


conjure up a second heart (to house your sweet pain), by becka, 7k. Eleanor breaks up with Louis, and Louis's a little shit to everybody, until Zayn finally makes Louis let Zayn give him what he needs. Masochism, basically, and a bit of H/C (though not out of the ordinary hurt, anyway, just the breakup--the masochism bits are the comfort). A bit of praise kink, too, which I always like.


Really, Really, by makesomelove, 2k. Bit of Harry/Niall PWP, in one of my favorite subgenres, "Harry Styles: Weird Sex Pervert." (I mean, it's not kinky, but Harry has some strange thoughts.)


Soft Like Circles, Strong Like Squares, by disarm_d, 5k. A slightly unusual omegaverse, where alphas are discriminated against; very angsty, with lots of analogues to internalized homophobia, but really interesting and emotionally truthful to me because of that.

Multiple ships

takes a bit more, by ymorton, 5k. Various permutations of Harry/Niall, Harry/Nick, and Nick/Niall. Very angsty, including the ending. Harry's characterization is interesting in this--I'd say consistent with canon, but a good deal more selfish than Harry is usually portrayed; I also very much liked this version of Niall.

Threesomes and moresomes

Won't Get to Space Because I Haven't Got a Rocket, by sunsetmog, 23k. Liam didn't try out for X Factor again and instead goes to work as a mechanic in Wolverhampton. On a trip to London, he ends up adopted by Louis and Harry. There's a lot in here about Liam...I won't say necessarily having severely low self-esteem, but we'll say, extremely low expectations for how well he should be treated by the people around him; I also liked the discussion of what Liam's goals and dreams were as a mechanic, which felt realistic to me for somebody who was in his situation. It also has the kind of nebulously sexual relationship between Harry and Louis that I frequently enjoy, and the ending is excellent.


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