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Today in Sometimes My Life Is Very Strange: so, my car wouldn't start, and last week I had it towed to my mechanic and it was too expensive to fix so I sold it to a junkyard. Apparently junkyard guy has been too busy to come pick it up, so the mechanic would move the car into the shop each night and then park it on the street during the day when they needed the space.

...yesterday somebody stole it off the street. In broad daylight. Stole a car that wouldn't start. *facepalm* I'd already given them the title but since they hadn't processed the transfer I need to make a police report (but the computer system is down or something, have to call back in a couple of hours).


Meanwhile, the building where I worked for 5.5 years has been razed to the ground. Now they're taking out the foundations. (The trailer is actually nicer than the old building, so, y'know. Better HVAC, no cockroaches.)


So...if I was thinking of making a meta post on things you should and shouldn't do when posting a fic announcement to a community...anything in particular you think I should include?

short version: )
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Working on some stuff for [community profile] kink_bingo. I went poking through my website and went, "Really? I've never written Dumbledore/Squid?"

...I love HP fandom, wherein *not* having done that for even a drabble is the weird thing. :D :D :D
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so...obviously, I am hanging out in a new fandom. (Haven't abandoned HP, don't worry! at least not any more than I had previously, and in fact I'm around more, what with the reading the flist and all.) This new fandom has a shortage of beta-read fics, so I was thinking of creating a community for the purpose of concrit/beta-reading. I know most of you won't be joining such a thing, but would anyone mind giving me some feedback on my proposed set of rules? )

Also, I can't decide if it would be unnecessarily patronizing to have a "primer on beta reading" post. Thoughts?


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