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mental health things, or: I try anti-anxiety meds )

And on a totally different topic, getting older and how that's mixing with my new One Direction RPF fandom )

Anyway, so the sum of the freaking out about job applications and getting older and whatever is that I have spent the whole day lying in bed listening to One Direction singles and reading fanfic in various fandoms. Good life choices. :D

And finally, randomly, the Atlantic has gotten access to some most-highlighted passages from popular Amazon ebooks, including Harry Potter. The passages are pretty much what I'd expect, but still cool!
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I knew that men's and women's pants [in modern US culture] have very different expectations in terms of tailoring--that is, that women's pants are much more fitted than men's. But, dear reader, I didn't realize how much until I went shopping for work pants recently. )
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I'm stuck in New Town for another two days because I was supposed to fly through Chicago to Iowa tonight. So obviously it's time for a GIANT WINTER STORM. *hands*

(You guys, I have been involved in this several-days-long email conversation at work about a thing in our data that is WEIRD and the only appropriate reaction to the thing is *hands* but if I do that nobody will know what I mean! It has been trying to burst out of me for like 72 hours and I finally get to use it! Yay!)

(Also, weather.com has named it Draco. I am deeply amused.)

"Stuck" is perhaps unkind, but it's just...I'm supposed to be in my childhood home, hanging out with my parents, and instead I'll be going in to my totally deserted academic workplace and working tomorrow. I had thrown out all my perishable food! I had cleaned the apartment top to bottom so it would be nice when I came back! I'd packed up my cross-stitching in several different places in my luggage! And now I'm...here. It's weird. Not, like, terrible or anything, and obviously I'm safe and sound etc, but the cognitive dissonance is more extreme than I was expecting.

ANYWAY, to relieve my boredom, an end-of-year writerly meme gacked from...somebody like a week ago, don't remember who, sorry! :/

yearly writing meme )
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Nice thing about black furniture: if it gets scratched up in a move, all you need to hide the evidence is a Sharpie.


moving )

not for the arachnophobic )


Also, walking the 2.1 miles to work for the first time, without thinking to print out a map* beforehand, is probably not a thing you should do when it is 90 degrees and sunny. I might have a slight sunburn. In freaking September!

*I am about 1.4 miles as the crow flies, so you can see there are a lot of twists and turns in the path...basically, 85% of the walk is through a GIANT HILLY PARK. Did I mention that New Town has hills? Lots of hills. I am not used to hills.


girly/medical tmi )


*looks at post* Hmm, it appears "telling stories in tiny chunks" is a thing I do in nonfiction as well as fiction.


In related news, please put some kind of separator between scenes in your fics when you post to the AO3, not just extra line breaks. The extra line breaks are ignored by the .mobi formatting at least, and since now I'm apparently the kind of person who reads fanfic on my Kindle on the bus, this is something I care about deeply...
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Fascinating moments in headcanon: apparently my college-age John Watson is very similar to Kris Allen. That's...odd. Oh, the fic I want to write where John & Sherlock meet each other in college and don't get along nearly as well as they do in canon, only to meet again later in life...

Good news: the lease for my apartment in the new city is being mailed to me as we speak. \o/ place to live! The advantage of moving to a city less expensive than the one I live in now is that my rent is going down, but I gain a dishwasher, central air, carpeting, and a balcony, plus a bit extra in square footage and a storage locker. Oh Lord I'm an adult. Sigh. :D It's less convenient to be a pedestrian there than it is here, but that's probably a good thing--I imagine I'll snack less when it's a 15-minute walk to the grocery store instead of a 2-minute walk! Oh--carpeting--I like the way hardwood floors look more than carpeting, but I walk around barefoot all the time and that's a recipe for grit in your feet all the time with hardwood.

Mild reprieve: can turn thesis in on Monday instead of tomorrow. Ascendio posts probably after that. *waves to new shiny wonderful people she met at the con!* I'm vaguely keeping up with the flist as my break-from-work but if there's something I missed feel free to drop it in comments, I'll take a peek on Monday-ish.
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First up: I did an accent meme over on tumblr, if you want to hear my crazy super-caffeinated voice. :D

(Also I realize there are rhythmic thunks in this. At first I didn't know what was going on, then I realized I recorded this while my laptop was sitting on a wooden lap desk resting on the arms of a wooden rocking chair in which I occasionally rocked. aha!)

Next up, and cut for the creeped out: so, while I was on the phone trying to report my stolen car, I discovered I had a rat in my apartment. )
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Today in Sometimes My Life Is Very Strange: so, my car wouldn't start, and last week I had it towed to my mechanic and it was too expensive to fix so I sold it to a junkyard. Apparently junkyard guy has been too busy to come pick it up, so the mechanic would move the car into the shop each night and then park it on the street during the day when they needed the space.

...yesterday somebody stole it off the street. In broad daylight. Stole a car that wouldn't start. *facepalm* I'd already given them the title but since they hadn't processed the transfer I need to make a police report (but the computer system is down or something, have to call back in a couple of hours).


Meanwhile, the building where I worked for 5.5 years has been razed to the ground. Now they're taking out the foundations. (The trailer is actually nicer than the old building, so, y'know. Better HVAC, no cockroaches.)


So...if I was thinking of making a meta post on things you should and shouldn't do when posting a fic announcement to a community...anything in particular you think I should include?

short version: )
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You know, I'm glad I live on the lowest inhabited floor of my apartment building. Otherwise, the people downstairs might be having this thought:

"Is the crazy chick upstairs really sliding a freaking armchair across the floor at five in the morning?"



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