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Uh...I know it's been a while. But I joined [livejournal.com profile] come_at_once and so I wrote (had to write) a thing.

Title: Out of the Cold
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Word Count: ~1700
Warnings: None
Summary: Sleepy middle-of-the-night sex. For the prompt "the dead don't tell lies."

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Since I'm not going to write it now, have a bit of AU John&Mycroft college roommate hijinx:

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One of my colleagues works with a computer system named Lucius. I found this out when she mentioned it by name...because it was being a right bastard.



In other news: I had my mind blown this morning by an actor connection I'd never made, and another one I didn't even know about.

Ever since I watched s1 of Sherlock, whenever someone mentioned Sebastian Wilkes actor Bertie Carvel, I would think, "I've heard of him...what else have I seen him in?" and click over to his IMDb page only to not really recognize things--at least not at the level that I seemed to know him. But this morning I was lying in bed, delaying getting up and half-asleep and reading Twitter, and I saw a tweet mentioning Bertie Carvel without mentioning Sherlock. The immediate association I made in my head was to the actor who played Leo Frank in the great Donmar Warehouse version of the musical Parade:

(Song starts at 1:18. BTW, seriously, if you like modern musicals--especially Jason Robert Brown ones--seek this recording out. They recorded all the dialogue as well as the songs, so you can really get the plot, and the music is great.)

But see, in my head, that character looks the same way he did when Brent Carver played him on Broadway--very slight, kind of short. So I hadn't connected it to well-built, tall Bertie Carvel at all, until I saw his name without the Seb Wilkes context. So that blew my mind a bit, and I kind of didn't believe it--was I misremembering the name? It's pretty similar to Brent Carver, anyway, so maybe I'm just mixing it up. So I looked up the cast and--


(song starts around 1:50 btw)

Leo and Lucille are the two main roles, by the way.

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Hey, only like a year after my last one of these, it's...

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This week's episode of Elementary contained spoiler ) and spoiler ). Who says Elementary and Sherlock have nothing in common except for character names? ;)
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Title: Song of a Good Man
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Gen, or John/Sherlock preslash if the mood so moves you
Warnings: None
Length: 2200 words
Author's note: With great thanks to [livejournal.com profile] regan_v for her beta work on this piece.

Summary: After a few months of living with Sherlock, John gets used to the idea that Sherlock can do magic but chooses not to. But every now and then Mycroft will stop by and John will feel the teakettle lean towards him, or Anderson will get so annoyed that little flashes spark between his fingers and his tech, and John will wonder again why he never sees Sherlock display anything but the purest disinterest.

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Two quick hits:

1. [livejournal.com profile] somanynuts translated my Sherlock fic Like Glue into Chinese; you can read it here. (Looks like you might need to sign up for an account, but I'm not sure.) *hearteyes*

2. If you're into So You Think You Can Dance, like I am, you might enjoy this super sweet interview with Allison Holker and tWitch about their relationship. Especially the bit where you find out that Allison is a huge Harry Potter fan and keeps a wand in her dance bag! :D
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Couple of things I threw together over the last few weeks and never posted here. Both can be gen or preslash as the mood takes you, both ~teen rated.

crossover with Pushing Daisies, 250 words )

for the sherlockmas Friday drabble days, prompt: 54. John; swimming at the lake and somebody notices his scar. 250 words. )
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Song: Not a Virgin, by Poe
Clips: Sherlock (BBC) seasons 1 & 2
Length: 1:01
Vid beta: [personal profile] keerawa. Any remaining errors are my own.

Streaming on youtube (above), or 21 MB XviD on Mediafire

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Hey--are you a Sherlock fan? Have you been missing those wonderful HP days when people would post long, detailed theories for what would happen in the next book/at the end of the series based on the available evidence? If so, you might enjoy these essays on the last episode of Sherlock season 2. )
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Um, and then I wrote some random angst on Tumblr.

Title: Longing
Rating: ...G?
Length: 971
Summary: John's been injured. Mycroft tells Sherlock to come home.

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So, this will eventually be the Giant Sherlock Recs Post o' Doom. I'm starting with a few stories but I'll be updating over the coming weeks. I'll post new updates to my journal but I'll also edit this post as I go.

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One of my friends is moving in with a Dr. Watson. He told me this by saying, "Next year I will be living at 221B Baker Street." (He had no idea that I've been REALLY OBSESSED WITH SHERLOCK FOR LIKE TWO MONTHS NOW.)

For those who've seen both the end of s2 of Sherlock and the end of s6 of Doctor Who, here's the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre:

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