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more Sherlock recs

More Sherlock recs. Notes on the masterpost.

Lanning: 26 pieces (28k). Mycroft asks Sherlock to solve a puzzle box; it at first seems simple, but the threads spread out into severe danger for John and Sherlock. Long, plotty, quite violent. This one's a real casefic--there's a mystery to figure out, as well as plenty of action scenes (which, I have to say, is one thing that I'm really enjoying about Sherlock as compared to my earlier fandoms). I especially like John's characterization in this piece.

Laura JV: The Wrong Tree (4k). Sherlock is attracted to John, and sets out to convince John they should be sleeping together. A fairly unusual Sherlock backstory that I enjoyed quite a bit, and very funny in an understated way.

lbmisscharlie: Blue Veins (2k). The premise of this is somewhat similar to the movie TiMeR except that it's natural, not technological: you have a clock on your wrist that counts down to when you'll find true love. This could be the start of a very satisfying Destined True Love story between Sherlock and John, but instead it's the start of an even more satisfying story about what finding true love actually means. The worldbuilding is incredibly nuanced for such a short piece. One of my favorites in the surprisingly popular magical-realism genre in this fandom.

lettered: Square Root of Negative One (1.5k). This one's in a few comments so you'll have to scroll through. It's Sherlock's POV on a kiss between John and Sarah. This Sherlock is more manipulative than most fanon would have him, though I believed it for the length of this short and gorgeously written piece.

machshefa: Touchstone (10k) and I leave a trail of breadcrumbs to show you where I've been (1k). Another great entry in the magical-realism genre: when people have dreams or wishes, they build up color on their skin until they produce a gemstone. This is used to comment, with great effect, on the very different emotional lives of Sherlock and John. Good, unusual worldbuilding, and a nice buildup of the relationship between them. The second fic is sort of a coda to the first, more than a fully-fledged sequel, but I enjoyed it as well.

mad_maudlin: My Body When It Is With Your (10k), Marked (1k), Debriefing (1k), Human On Your Faithless Arm (3k). John is a werewolf, Sherlock is a telepath. You already know whether or not you want to read something like this--I can only tell you that it is very well done, as one would expect from the author.

mad_maudlin: How to Train Your Dragon (13k). I actually read this before I'd seen any of Sherlock, and I liked it even then, but I like it quite a bit more now that I understand how the canon characterizations are played with. Sherlock is a sorcerer who wants to tame a dragon and ride it; he eventually captures John who is very much not as he expected. Plottier than this kind of thing usually is, though the dynamic between Sherlock and John also gets a fair amount of (very satisfying) screen time. Excellent worldbuilding, too. (highlight to read warnings, or skip) Dubious consent.

madlori: Performance in a Leading Role (157k). In the mood for some really loooong, romantic Sherlock/John? Here, have one! It's a cute AU where John and Sherlock are actors (as distinct from RPF about Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch) who sign on for an independent film where they play lovers. A little sweeter than I usually like my fics to be, but I couldn't (metaphorically) put it down.

misslucyjane: My Phone's On Vibrate For You (21k). A relatively unusual fic in that Sherlock and John have sex before having all the feelings, rather than the other way around. I'm not entirely sold on the Sherlock characterization in this one, I have to say, but I enjoy the rest of it so much I'm reccing it anyway.

misspamela: that thing you like (7k). Sherlock invites John to his family home for Christmas; John comes along for the ride. This fic just makes me happy: smooth and easy going down, sweet but not too sweet. I read this one very early on in my Sherlock phase, and then came back to it a few months later, and during every scene I kept going, "Oh, this is the fic where that happens!"

nishi-shinji: Rise and Fall (0.4k). A very short but interesting Sherlock/Lestrade piece, with a nice use of structure. (The author has more Sherlock/Lestrade things that I haven't had time to get through yet, so if you're interested in the ship check them out.)

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