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Here's a link to the main list, with headers & info. Following [livejournal.com profile] amanuensis1's poll here, I'm splitting this up by pairing now, though I haven't yet had time to reformat the main list.


augustbird, Reignite (9k). John shows up on Sherlock's doorstep with his son. The title may give you a clue as to the general plotline, but this is a nice slow story that really takes its time to develop the relationship (and keeps you on your toes nearly to the last line as to how it will end!).

cyerus, Captain John Watson, Genetics, and Other Crazy Things (6k). AU where John Watson is Captain Jack Harkness's son. Crack, but fun crack!

Jupiter Ash: A Study in Winning (106k). Recced all round the fandom, and for good reason. Sometimes the fun of an AU is in watching how the different setting changes the characters, and sometimes the fun is watching exactly canonical characters tear it up in a different setting--this is the latter kind. I ended up grinning at my screen like a fool in a couple of different places. Long and more romantic than I usually like them, but it worked for me in the context of this fic.

Speranza, Up or Artistic Lush (8k). This isn't a big showy fic, but it does basically everything exactly right throughout. Some of it's hilarious and some of it's sweet and a bit of it's angsty, and generally it just feels true to life. I know this is an older fic, but I just read it recently and there were some characterization moments that really made me rethink some of the fanon I've grown accustomed to. Just really well done, and one of my favorites. (Also, there are word games.)

Teaandjumpers: You Don't Look a Day Over Perfect (1k). Sherlock worries that he's making John old. Really very sweet, with good characterization.

Multiple pairings:

Prettyarbitrary: Shame Is Overrated (6k). John contracts an STD which gives him female genitalia for about a month. Mostly an excuse for him to have sex with a surprising array of partners, but I think it also pins down fairly well how Sherlock would react to his change. (Completely scientifically nonsensical, but that's entirely beside the point. :D)


Morgan Stuart, When Your Belly's in the Trench (5k). Going to steal the author's summary here: "The next time that door opens, John Watson will kill the person on the other side." Not at all a happy fic, but I got the sense that this is exactly how these characters would react in this situation. Lestrade-centric, and very tense--I honestly didn't know how it would end. (highlight to read warnings, or skip) Warnings for offscreen violence & torture and onscreen threat of violence.

oreganotea: The Detective and the Demon (2k). This author writes a lot of magical-realism stories, but this is by far my favorite. John is a demon summoned by Sherlock. Very funny in an understated way, and lots of nice twists on canonical scenes. With the way the worldbuilding's done, the characterizations fit perfectly, too.

Raven: and now, the shipping forecast (4k). A post-Reichenbach fic, less bleak than they usually are, focusing on John and what his life is like as he keeps going. Elegant writing, some good turns from the non-main characters (Harry, Clara, Molly, Lestrade), and uh--emotional response spoilers? (highlight to read, or skip) Despite the generally not-bleak tone of this fic, the end of it YANKED MY HEART OUT AND STOMPED ON IT EXACTLY THE WAY I LIKE IT. Yes.
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