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More updates here and added to the masterpost. Behind the cut: 8 Harry/Nick, 2 Liam/Louis, 1 Harry/Zayn, 2 Harry/Louis, 2 threesomes/moresomes.


Ask me what I did with my life (I spent it with you), by becka, 3k. Harry and Nick on Valentine's day. Good characterization and cracking dialogue.

These Cards I've Been Dealt, by Hllangel, 12k. Nick and Harry have never dated because Harry's life is too strange; a lot of this fic is Harry doing the things he needs to do to make a relationship with Nick a possibility, but it's Nick's POV of those events. A fairly unusual cast of supporting characters for this fandom, and a bit more involved with the music side of things, which I always very much appreciate.

pretty in pink, by loafers, 10k. A few different bits of crossdressing kink, with some nice variation. That isn't my usual bag, but works very well here.

Lost Coastlines, by pukeandcry, 22k. Harry and Niall were presumed dead in an airplane crash, then a year later are found. Really doesn't shy away from the emotional consequences of that, which made it hard to read for me, but absorbing and with true-to-life characterizations nonetheless.

Is that a Rocket in your Pocket, by rivers_bend, 4k. Nick's obsessed with Harry's giant cock. Lots of funny characterizations with bang-on voices.

You're the Reason I Keep Breathing, by sunsetmog, 6k. AU where Harry and Nick cohost the Breakfast Show. UST, which everybody notices but them--or rather, Nick notices but thinks it's unrequited. Slightly different prose style than the usual (a little less detailed, more impressionistic).

There Is No Downtime, by tilda, 20k. Nick's 30th birthday. Harry and Nick used to be together, but aren't any more; this is the story of why, and how it might be fixed. Lots of pining and angst--sort of what I like in a future fic, only this isn't really one of those, since they're both still in full career swing so there's less of the making up for lost chances now that they have time, and more just trying to make it work despite the continuing lack of time (see: the fic's title).

just doesn't happen, by ymorton, 3k. Nick and Harry, talking about their sex lives, and then having sex. Kind of unusual for fic in that there really are no romantic feelings in this fic--just friends with benefits, without the implied promise of more.


Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply, by harriet_vane, 30k. Liam and Louis accidentally wake up married in Vegas, like you do. A nonfamous AU. The emotional tenor of this one is pretty interesting--I kind of want to call it Liam pining without knowing he's pining, only they're actually together. Hits all the nice beats you expect from this kind of fic, and a lovely conclusion.

Better Than Love, by lazy_daze, 5k. Omegaverse PWP with feelings. Louis was classified as indeterminate, then goes into heat, and Liam finds him. Some nice stuff about how their nonsexual relationship informs how they are together in a sexual relationship, plus, y'know, good sex writing and stuff.


baby i'll never leave if you keep holding me this way, by estrella30, 10k. Zayn's an incubus, resisting the idea that he should find his mate; then he finds Harry. Interesting worldbuilding, and an interesting development of the Zayn and Harry relationship (they both resist, at different times, for different reasons), and some hot sex too. Also, in a way, about growing up, and being scared of what that means.


And If You Ask Nicely by disarm_d, 5k. X Factor-era Harry/Louis, fairly kinky, mostly PWP--takes place after the video diary with the blindfolds, plus masochism and some other things. Also has some nice conversational moments between a Harry and Louis who don't know each other all that well yet.

You Are the Fever, by flimsy, 3k. Omegaverse PWP, when Harry and Louis's rut/heat coincide. A fairly realistic take on them having feelings for each other, and acting on them, but at the same time not really talking about them.

Threesomes and moresomes

Familiar Strangers, by LittleMousling, 3k. The band gangbangs Harry. Nicely in Harry's head throughout.

Come On With The Rain, by oliviacirce, 6k. After the rainy show in Switzerland, the boys have an orgy. Interesting in the way it folds in how well the boys all know each other as part of what they do.


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