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Hey--are you a Sherlock fan? Have you been missing those wonderful HP days when people would post long, detailed theories for what would happen in the next book/at the end of the series based on the available evidence? If so, you might enjoy these essays on the last episode of Sherlock season 2. )
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Thought I'd link to an interesting essay by an English teacher who used Twilight fanfic as a unit in a (college) class, and why she did that, and why she found fanfic so interesting. (The whole blog is material derived from or inspired by that unit--I've found some of it interesting and some of it not, but it's still in my RSS reader, for what it's worth.)


There are a staggering number and range of stories--just shy of 200,000 on fanfiction.net today. Reading all these different Edwards and Bellas in their different lives and traumas, in some ways distinctly characterized but identical in appearance, mannerisms, certain traits and relationship dynamics--and exhausting sex lives--all referring back to a single original source: it's a very different reading experience from any I'd had before. And since most of my life is spent reading or thinking or writing about reading, a new experience is a little extraordinary.

I still have not read Twilight, or any Twilight-associated fanfic, but I'm fascinated by the way it's leaking into the mainstream the way HP used to. Or maybe more than that. (Also I might have gone on a rant on tumblr about profiting from fanfic. Apparently this is my Year To Be Cranky About All Things, not just grad school. Definitely have the Cranky Elder-Statesman Grad Student thing down.)
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So the latest brouhaha in Idol fandom centers around a request on the kink meme for a fic where one member of the pairing is a Nazi and around a complaint against that prompt. As with all discussions of this nature, some of the people arguing against the complaint made statements such as "just scroll" or "don't like it? don't read it", and, well, who am I to refuse a chance to explain why I don't think those comments apply to this situation? (slight trigger warning for some of the examples) )
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I reread Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead a few months ago, and I just finished Susan Cooper's Over Sea, Under Stone, the first of a quintet called The Dark is Rising. Both of those are pretty important books to me: the Cooper series is the reason for my switch from a reader who occasionally chose science fiction/fantasy to an official fan of spec fic, and Ender's Game was the first adult sf that I understood. For a long time, I would read anything by either Cooper or Card that I could get my hands on.

I'm interested in how I can trace patterns in my writing to these books. )


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