Dec. 2nd, 2014

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Today I:

  • Turned 30 (eeeeek!)

  • Woke up intending to go into work for a seminar at noon, then lazed in bed until it was too late to catch the bus; took a long hot shower anyway; went back to bed, read some fanfic, and then fell asleep for 3 more glorious hours

  • Planned out a kind of insane bus schedule to pick up sushi, a burrito, donuts, and macarons, ie things from my 4 favorite food places in [current city] that do takeout, and managed to fit all those in (except the donuts, since the shop closes earlier than I thought) and still catch the once-per-hour best bus home despite getting out the door 20 minutes later than planned

  • Started up making a spreadsheet of all the One Direction fic I've read, by digging through my AO3 history. I did that for Sherlock and it was super helpful, actually (up to about 6 million words read in Sherlock fandom, and I can keep track of which authors I liked and which I didn't). I started reading 1D fic in early October, when I read my first 1D fic on [ profile] noeon's recommendation. So far I'm back to November 8, and I've logged about 800,000 words of 1D fanfic. Which is...kind of a lot? But still less than the entire Harry Potter series, and it wouldn't take me a month to read that? Hmm.

  • Had cause to Google "Samuel Delany nipple piercings"

So, a good birthday, all in all :D


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